25 Great Social Media Essay Topics

25 Great Social Media Essay Topics

social media has become an integral part of communication, advertisement, and many other aspects of our daily lives. Ranging from TikTok to Instagram, Facebook to LinkedIn, and WhatsApp to YouTube, each person interacts to a certain extent with various social media apps for diverse purposes.

Like all indulgences, however, social media has diverse impacts. Hotly debated social media topics are thus a likely assignment for your academic degree. Read on for various tips on acing your social media essays and some essay ideas to inspire your topic selection.

How to write a social media essay

The approach you take to writing your social media essay dictates to a large extent the ease of writing and the final quality of your essay. Poor essay writing approaches may get you stuck midway through your paper or even worse, result in disorganized arguments. 

Some of the steps to keep in mind as you write your essay include:

  1. Select a topic

If your tutor has not limited you to a given topic, select a topic that allows for a vast range of original arguments. For this, research the trending issues which satisfy the guidelines provided for the essay.

Also, research various sources to determine whether your topic will allow you ample sources to support your arguments. 

  1. Conduct extensive research

After identifying your preferred topic, search for the materials related to your key phrase. The research will expand your perspective on a topic and expose you to multiple approaches to analysing your subject matter. 

You may consider consulting your librarian for guidance on sources that are relevant to your topic or consult a Wikipedia article and use the reference section as a guide to related sources. 

  1. Prepare an outline

After research, sort your ideas into an outline. This will allow you to visualize your paper and gauge various loopholes that require further investigation. Your outline will also keep you on track in your writing, helping you overcome ideas that could drive you off your key arguments. 

  1. Draft and edit your paper

Next, write your paper and gauge it for various errors. Ideally, handle various aspects of writing in separate sittings to avoid exhaustion and the loss of focus. Also, consult your peers or reach out to an expert writing service for assistance with editing your paper. 

The structure of a social media essay

A social media essay may vary in structure depending on your academic level. Dissertation and thesis social media essays may comprise multiple sections ranging from the abstract, the introduction, the literature review, the body, a conclusion, and a methodology and results section.

However, lower academic-level papers are chunked into an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. The introduction to your paper should highlight the background information and hook your reader into reading the essay. 

For this, start with an attention grabber that slowly builds up to your thesis and highlights the importance of your research topic. The body paragraphs should then present arguments in support of your claims and present relevant evidence behind your arguments.

Ideally, your arguments should be connected to yield a coherent essay. Finally, the social media essay conclusion should provide a summary of your key arguments and offer relevant recommendations. 

How to start an essay about social media

The opening of your essay is crucial in capturing your reader’s attention and setting a framework for your discussion. When opening your essay, you may opt to:

  • Start with rhetorical questions that highlight your essay objectives
  • Present statistics or facts that highlight the relevance of your essay topic
  • Narrate a scenario that shows the severity of the phenomena under discussion and use it as a basis for your essay.
  • Quote a famous person and link their arguments to the key argument on which your essay is based.

Social media essay titles

Essay topics about social media

  1. Is social media more detrimental than beneficial? 
  2. Is social media being used to spread religious hatred? 
  3. Does social media encourage online bullying? 
  4. Does using social media reduce productivity? 
  5. Is social media contributing to our narcissism? 
  6. What changes have social media made to education? 
  7. Why shouldn't kids use social media? 

Persuasive essay topics about social media

  1. Social media's effects on business 
  2. Social media's effects on food culture 
  3. Do you think the fashion industry is using social media? 
  4. Will social media influence how world politics is conducted in the future? 
  5. Social media rumours and how they affect people 
  6. Should there be a social media platform geared toward children? 

Social media argumentative essay topics

  1. Is there widespread use of social media surveillance? 
  2. social media marketing's impact on brands 
  3. Is the concept of democracy being corrupted by social media? 
  4. Does social media encourage a bad lifestyle? 
  5. Why are social networks bad? 
  6. What age is appropriate for using social media? 

Social media essay topics

  1. Does social media have an impact on crime? 
  2. Can social media aid in environmental preservation? 
  3. Does using social media make you happier? 
  4. Describe the effects of social media at work.
  5. Talk about the vitriol on social networking sites.
  6. Has social media ruined in-person interactions?